Hibiscus Bracelet Tutorials

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Bracelet

This tutorial is an advance level design of a rainbow loom bracelet. Video credits goes to the Rainbow loom official channel. To make this bracelet you will need 30 color ‘A’ bands (pink), 15 color ‘B’ bands (orange), 15 color ‘C’ bands (neon orange), 23 color ‘D’ bands (neon green) and 6 C-clips. It’s a good idea to have these supplies ready before you began so pause the video until you are ready to follow along. Throughout the video you may need to pause or rewind to better catch up to their instructions. The instructions consists of looping so pay attention to the diagram in the video carefully. Take the time to follow the instructions and before you know it you have already mastered this hibiscus bracelet tutorials.